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Analog Equipment:

Ward Beck Systems 3242 32ch. Console

Otari MX80 2" 24Tack Analog Recorder

Otrari MTR10 1/4" 2 Track Analog Recorder
Tannoy Little Golds

Tannoy Belvedere Blue15"

Auratone Monitors

Hisys Powered PA (Qsys Core-110f)

12 x WBS M441M Mic Pre

8 x WBS M124 Mic Pre

4 x BlackLion Audio 73 

2 x 1176 Rev D

2 x Pultec EQP
4 x LA2A
3 x Urei LA4
1 x dbx 162 VU

1 x dbx 128 +4 Mod 160VU
Various Tube, Fet, Condensor,
Crystal, Dynamic Mics


Analog Equipment:

4 x Ward Beck Systems M570

KRK 6"
2 x Urei LA4
Various Tube, Fet, Condensor,
Crystal, Dynamic Mics


Yamaha U3 Grand Piano
Hammond B3 w/Leslie 222
Wulitzer 200A
Fender Rhodes 77

Fender Rhodes Piano Bass
Korg Poly Six

1938 WFL Radio Kings
40's Ludwig Bass Drums

50's Leedy Bass Drum
60's Gibson and other
Guitars and Amps
70's Gibson and other Guitars
60's &70's Various Tube Amps
Various Ethnic Instrument

Digital Equipment:

Protools HDX (always current)

Antelope Orion 32HD I/O 192k

Eventide H3000 (qty2)

Lexicon M480L
Lexicon 300

Lexicon PCM60

Sony D7

Fostex DAT

Tascam CD

Brainworx BX
Waves Platinum
IK Multimedia Software

Ableton 10 Studio

FL Studio Producer Edition


Digital Equipment:

Protools 8.0.5HD

Digidesign 192I/O 24x24

Digidesign Focusrite C24

Roland SDE-1000

Tascam CD

SampleTank 2,3, 4 Max
Waves Platinum

Miroslav Philharmonic



Ableton 9 Studio


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