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Releasing music in and of itself is probably more difficult than making music. As Artists have spent their whole lives figuring out how to write and perform their songs, they would need another lifetime to figure out how to get their songs into the hands of their potential fans. This used to be the responsibility of the Record Label, but a recent digression in technology has practically eliminated the “Major Labels.”  The Labels will state the Internet is responsible for their demise, but if we take a closer look at the history of recorded music, we will see that the Labels destroyed themselves. In the ‘50s and ‘60s, Labels took pride in finding something new and branding themselves with an ideal or a philosophy and most importantly, “a sound.”  Like all successful industries, at some point overhead, the bottom line and saving/making money became more important than making a great product. Major label deals were once a hot commodity in the eyes of bands and musical Artists.


Did you know that most major label deals work on the following terms? The major label would own your copyrights and masters and pay you less than 15% of the sales of your music after all expenses incurred by the label were recouped. This actually means that you wouldn't receive a single dollar until more than one million units of your album were sold.


Porcelain Records philosophy is built around the same ideology of labels from the 1950’s & 60's. We develop Artists and make great records! Porcelain Records utilizes the positive aspects of labels like Sun Records (Great Artists, Great Songs', Great Production & Development of Artist Identity, Artist Image, Artist Sound) and marries this with marketing methods that create revenue (Radio, Film, TV & Videogame Licensing, Merchandise, Touring, Publicity/Interviews) for the Artists masters. Porcelain Records has a carefully re-designed an old model for a new music industry.  


We are a fledgling label with a Grammy & Juno award-winning Producer and an experienced, talented and skilled team of real people who care about the growth our Artists and label. We have created a fully outfitted audio and video production facility, a formula to create great content and keep costs to a minimum and a realistic approach to releasing and marketing the Artists on our roster. 


"Dollar for Dollar Deal" Components:


As this is a co-venture, we will be sharing revenues in all aspects of income, from sales to shows to publishing. Revenue will be split 50/50 initially until all costs are recouped. Once initial investment is recouped there will be a 75/25 split between Artist (75%) and Porcelain (25%). We will continue to help the Artist, but at their expense. The split will be based on the Master Recordings that are being marketed and toured.  Porcelain will control all Digital Sales, CD Pressings, Merchandise Sales and pay the Artist, and the Artist will control all performance and publishing revenues and pay Porcelain.  


The Artist will be a partner with Porcelain; if at some point the Artist receives interest from a major label, Porcelain and the Artist will negotiate in the best interest of the artist a deal in which Porcelain furnishes the artist to the major label. 


We GAURANTEE! that we can get the artist on the radio and help them develop a following on the ground and in the media, which will lead to continued growth and recognition for the artist, but this guarantee is entirely based on the Artist following our plan exactly. 

Many Artists spend from $50,000-75,000 to release an album.  A major label would have spent upwards of $250,000 to release a record.  Porcelain is investing dollar for dollar in our Artists, and accomplishes the same things for less than half the cost. Our model is based on an “owning your own backyard” philosophy, and requires a lot of grassroots planning and hard work. 

The elements to success are to start off with a great Record/Album.  Without great music there is no amount of marketing and publicity that will help the artist achieve success. 99.9% of artists don’t “make it” because they think they can make a record; where as .1% of artists “make it” because they make a great record. Records can be expensive, so Porcelain puts a lot of time into pre-production/rehearsal and has a method to recording that is very efficient, fun, and never feels like work. If we believe in the artist, and offer a dollar for dollar deal, it’s because we believe that there is a career that can be developed.  


Co-Investment Overview

-Full length Album $15,000 (we use as much time as we need in the studio to get it right). This gets split 1/3 Artist, 2/3 Porcelain.

-2 x HD Broadcast Video for delivery to Television Networks including Much Music, MTV, CMT and major retail chain stores who deliver video content all day, every day, around the world. As well as cameras rolling during the process for footage to be used later for docs, youtube ect…   

$5000.  This gets split 50/50 with artist.

-Web Presence and Artwork $1500. 1/3 Artist, 2/3 Porcelain

-Photo Shoot and Styling $1500 1/3 Artist, 2/3 Porcelain.

-Distribution of Single to Radio $1200.This gets split 50/50 with artist.

-Radio Tracking and Publicist for 3 Singles $21000. 1/3 Artist, 2/3 Porcelain.

-Printing and Pressing of CD’s and Merchandise $2000. This gets split 50/50 with artist.

- Album Mastering & Distribution for Digital downloads to iTunes and many other Legal Download Sites. $1000. This gets split 50/50 with artist,

Total Investment:  $52k.


Artist’s responsibilities: $26k ($3000 upon signing balance in 20 monthly installments)      

-Write songs, take direction, and know their material and have the ability to perform on the drop of a dime.

-Social networking

-Performing live shows.

-Selling CD’s and Merchandise off stage.


Porcelain’s Responsibility: $26k

- A World-Class Album Production

-Create Video, and all associated visual content needed for release.

-Create and co-ordinate marketing and radio plan and help artist book tour/gigs.

-Help artist with developing a following.

-Shop music to Film, Television and any other outlet that could potentially create revenue.


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